Friends of Music

Friends of Music


Our Friends of Music fund helps support choral and instrumental music in the Christmas & Easter Seasons and other special Sundays throughout the year, as well as giving us the opportunity to have four choral scholars participate in our adult choir through the entire year, and bring in excellent musicians to share music with our community for our Concert Series.

In 2018, we launched our Choral Scholar Program. We hosted four young, local music professionals who were furthering their careers through education and performance. This mutually beneficial program allows us as a church to support young people in our community while being able to enjoy music of the highest quality every single week. These students served as section leaders each week in our Chancel Choir rehearsals, as well as soloists throughout the season. We enjoyed Sarah’s beautiful soprano voice springing up high C’s into the rafters. Molly’s rich alto voice and her love for contemporary Christian music blessed us. Our operatic tenor Max wowed us with beautiful arias, but also with silky renditions of Josh Groban classics. We appreciated Mike Parisi’s low bass notes and his varied instrumental background. Each of these people supported our church, our worship and our music ministry in a special way. We look forward to continuing this program each year.

We also enjoyed our Annual Friends of Music Concert Series featuring performances by local children’s choir ChildrensSong and our long-time favorite Christopher Westfall. We are so thankful to those of you who supported our series either financially or by sharing in the excitement at the events.

The music program at St. Andrew’s has been evolving and growing through the years. Between our Chancel Choir, Bell Choir, Children’s Choir, Sunday Singers, our Choral Scholars Program and our Friends of Music Concert Series, there are so many ways to participate in and support music in our church. In order to keep  these programs thriving, we need your continued support.

Become a Friends of Music Subscriber

Last year, we had many people become the first ever Subscribers of Friends of Music. These people committed to giving money each week or month for the entire year. Just $5 each month from several individuals helped us  continue with some of our great music programs. We encourage giving of any kind and if being a Subscriber is not for you, please consider the other options below.

Committed Supporters:

Friends of Music Subscriber $5/week or $20/month

One Time Gifts:

Friends of Music Donor $99 or less

Singer’s Circle $100 – $499

Psalmist’s Circle $500 – $999

Choir’s Circle $1000 and up

Choral Scholar Sponsor $2000/year

This financial award will be given in small increments to a deserving young person to help support the Chancel Choir by attending rehearsals each week and joining us each and every Sunday for worship, as well as filling leadership and soloist roles. $2000 is a full year of support for one scholar.

If you have any questions at all, please contact our Director of Music for more details of this program, or to talk about a gift you plan to give. Thank you all so much for your support of music in our congregation!