Policies and Forms

Policies and Forms

POLICIES and Forms

St. Andrew’s Altar Flowers

If you would like to place flowers on that Altar for a Sunday Worship Service in honor of or in memory of a loved one, please contact the Church Office (saumcch@gmail.com or (856) 429-4469) to reserve a date. The cost of the flowers is $44.00 and the desired date will be reserved when payment is received.

Safe Sanctuary Policy

In order to provide and foster a safe environment for children, youth and vulnerable adults, St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church (SAUMC) and its members will abide by the Safe Sanctuary Policies. You can view the policies here.

Facility Usage Policy

The facilities owned and operated by St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church are intended to provide a place for worship, Christian education and the many missions and ministries of the Church. It is recognized that St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church has an obligation to the Christian mission beyond its own congregational life and to the community of which it is a part. Therefore, the facilities of St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church may be available to other community organizations and groups. To learn more about facility usage policies and to complete a request form, visit here.

Church Equipment and Furnishings – Borrowing Policy

This policy and accompanying procedure provide guidelines to church members
and staff for removal of church-owned equipment and furnishings from church
premises. To learn more about borrowing church equipment and furnishing, please read more about these policies and complete request form here.