Taking the Next Step

Taking the Next Step

Join us on Sunday, November 18 as we Take the Next Step together during worship!

Can’t make it on Sunday, November 18? Submit your 2019 Estimate of Giving Card Online by completing this form. 

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What is the Taking the Next Step Program?

November 18, 2018, will be Taking the Next Step Sunday for our Taking the Next Step annual stewardship emphasis at St. Andrew’s.  We urge you to plan now to be in church that day.

Taking the Next Step is a biblical, spiritual, inspirational program designed to enrich our understanding of Christian stewardship.  The focus of this approach to stewardship is not built on the need of the church to fund a budget, but on the need of each person to contribute proportionately from their resources as a part of his or her own spiritual maturity and discipleship of Christ. 

Stewardship is not our way of raising a budget. It’s God’s way of raising disciples. Discover the joy of growing in your relationship with God as you begin Taking the Next Step in your faith journey and live generously.



Learn more about the Taking the Next Step journey and the Giving Path by reading this letter, reviewing this brochure and watching this video.

The goal of our Taking the Next Step journey is for everyone to seek God’s leading in the use of the financial resources God has entrusted to us. We hope each one will respond by completing an Estimate of Giving Card with the amount God leads you to give to God’s work through our church. Learn more about the tools you can use to help you think about your financial giving by watching this video: 

Giving Stories

A Giving Story – Mike Doyle

Thank you to Mike Doyle for sharing his Taking the Next Step Giving Story. Learn more about Mike’s journey to St. Andrew’s and how his devotion to missions have impacted his faith and his giving. How will you be Taking the Next Step?

A Giving Story – Aquilla McNeal

Aquilla McNeal shares her story about why she came to St. Andrew’s and why she’s stayed. For Aquilla, it’s about St. Andrew’s UMC being a church home that feeds her soul. We hope Aquilla’s journey helps to inspire you as you pray about Taking the Next Step with us.

A Giving Story – The Breslins

Taking the Next Step: the Breslin Family took the time to share their journey to St. Andrew’s after having their first child and why St. Andrew’s has continued to be their family’s church home. Thank you Leo and Amy for sharing your story!

21 Day Challenge Daily Devotional Guide



From October 21 – November 11, read the daily devotions in the “21 Day Challenge” devotional guide and pray for God’s guidance in your personal finances. Hard copies of “21 Day Challenge” are also available in the