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If you would like to be a greeter on Sunday mornings, look for the sign-up sheet on the narthex kiosk. For more information email Connie DiRocco or speak with her on Sunday.

Tom Bianco III, Mark Corcoran, and Dale Osterman do a consistently excellent job with the sound system during worship service and special events. They can use an assistant. Will train. Talk to them to volunteer. Dale Osterman 856-727-9335;

Would you like to volunteer your services during church and still not miss Pastor Work's good word. We have the perfect opportunity for you. St. Andrew's is looking for ushers to help with our Sunday service. No experience is necessary, and very little training is required. The ushers are divided into four teams, and each team serves one Sunday a month. Each team has a head usher who coordinates the responsibilities of the team. These responsibilities include greeting the people attending the service, offering assistance or answering questions, collecting prayer cards and offering, and a brief clean-up after the service.

The St. Andrew's children's library is located at the end of the hall across from the gym. The library is stocked with both religious and non-religious themed books that are available for church members to look at in the library or take home for a while. There are books of prayers and Bible stories as well as life lessons, non-fiction and just plain stories. There are picture books and chapter books. Sunday School classes are invited to bring children in for a story or just to look at the books. Why don't you stop by and visit before or after church?

The Prayer Chain is a group of men and women of St. Andrew's who pray for the concerns and requests of St. Andrew's members and friends. Someone in need of prayer calls the church office and requests to be put on the Prayer Chain. Each member of the Prayer Chain then receives either a phone call or an email notifying them of a prayer request. The prayer chain member receiving the phone call then calls one other person and so on down the list. Those notified by email do not have to pass it on.
Would you be willing to pray for someone in need? It is reassuring to know that you are supported by the prayers of others and not alone with your concern. If you would like to be a member of the Prayer Chain, please contact Amy McCausland, 856-985-2254. Currently Marilyn Ivers is facilitating the email prayer chain, so if you would like to receive email notifications of prayer requests, you may email her at marilynmi@verizon.net and your name can be added to that list.


Did you know …
that our church was first known as the Erlton Church? In 1955 it finally got the name of St. Andrew's.

Did you know …
… that the Erlton Committee of the Haddonfield United Methodist Church agreed to buy the first organ for our church? It cost a whopping $2,300!

Did you know …
that the stained glass window that is the 18th from the back was named: The Good Shepard? …even though 99 are safe, Jesus rescues the one lost sheep. Look at the eleventh brass plate and you will see the window was given by William and Dorothy Gahm who where charter members of our church.

Did you know …
that the Chrismon tree was not used until 1957? It was first used by North American Lutherans.

Did you know …
the most prominent Chrismon is the Chi Rho symbol; it is formed by superimposing the first two capital letters of chi and rho

Did you know …
the term Chrismon (that's what we call the tree in the front of the Sanctuary) comes from the Latin phrase: “Christi monogramma.” It means the monogram of Christ. Each ornament on the tree, is a symbol that points to Jesus.

Did you know …
the true meaning of Christmas was not about the presents … such as gold, frankincense and myrrh … but about His presence?

Did you know …
that the attractive foreign flags, that are hanging in the Narthex represent the birth countries of our fellow parishioners? … they are hung in alphabetical order, in keeping with flag etiquette. Whenever we have a new member born in a new country, we add that country's flag to the Narthex.

Did you know …
that the beautiful banners that hang on the bugles from the balcony were custom made for St. Andrew’s? Ask Joyce Worthington about “Sew Nice.”

Did you know …
That in Austria there is a special prayer for the namesake of our church? It is called; Andreasgebet (St. Andrew's prayer).

Did you know …
that Andrzejki is the way you spell / say St. Andrew in Polish?

Did you know …
, Father's Day in the US, can be traced to June 19th, 1910 when Sonora Smart Dodd heard a sermon, in Spokane, Washington? In 1966 LBJ officially announced it would be on the 3rd Sunday in June. In 1972 Richard Nixon signed it into law.

Did you know …
That the design of the Christian flag, at the front of the sanctuary, is just over 100 years old? It was first produced in 1907 by Charles Overton & Ralph Diffendorfer.

Did you know …
or notice that there were 46 days [not 40 days] between Ash Wednesday and Easter? But we always talk about the “40” days of Lent. Sundays aren’t counted because every Sunday is considered a “little Easter.” The 40 days of Lent allude to the time Jesus spent in the desert.

Did you know How Easter is Determined
That the date of Easter, the first Moveable Feast Day, was determined by the First Council of Nicaea In 325 AD… and the date is based on the Lunar year, rather than the Solar year? … and that is why it moves according to our calendar.